Top 10 Reasons to Choose Sorcerer

  1. Easy Management

    Sorcerer boxes are managed through dialogs and a handful of intuitive and easy to remember commands.

    迚も 簡単 です よ

  2. Self-Heal Feature

    Most potential problems are automatically detect and automatically repaired.

    殆ど 問題が じぶんで なうします だから 問題は 少ない です

  3. Easy Updates

    Do not worry about updates. Run augur easy

    アップデート そふぉと の方法が かんたん です ソーソレ に まかせてくださいませんか augur easy だけ 書きます

  4. Optional dependencies are under your control

    Most optional requirements can be declined when desired.

  5. Awesome Uninstall Menu

    The uninstall menu presents a logical order for software removal. Libraries that are no longer required become available for removal when software that requires those libraries is also selected for removal. Therefore, unused libraries can also be easily selected for removal.

    未設のメニューのことが すばらしい です 未設にソフトの選ぶの方法 迚も 自然 です

  6. Easy Spell Authorship

    With each year spells become easier to create as the spell format evolves to become more simple and powerful. With over 3000 examples creating a new spell is often as easy as copying and editing a similar spell.

    各年 ソーソレの魔法 いつも 強いくて 簡単に 成ります 沢山 範が あります

  7. No difficult choice between stability and security.

    For each installed software project version progress for updates can be selected. Enjoy current releases, developmental, most recent security update, or hold updates at the SA specified version.

    強固 か 安心 えらぶ のことが 問題 ありません 各 ソフト に 沢山 方法 あります 最近 や 発達段階 や 最近安心 や シスアドのバージョン どちらも いい  です

  8. Standard Compliance

    Sorcerer has excellent compliance. Sorcerer is compliant with POSIX, the linux filesystem hierarchy standard, and has can run LSB compliant init-scripts. However, Sorcerer's advanced yet backward compatibile System V init scripts provided maximum speed for minimal complexity and minimal size. The default modular kernel boot supports Logical Volume Managment, software raids, and Linux Unified Key Setup Encrypted devices.

  9. Keeps /etc/ Directory Very Clean

    Sorcerer installs configuration files and init-scripts only when required for installed software.

  10. Excellent Development Platform

    Since each sorcerer box compiles nearly all the installed software each box has functional software development tools and header files. Watching boxes build and update provides assurance that the installed libraries and software works together instead of having a box built from pre-compiled binaries stapled together into something that resembles Frankenstein's monster.